Jakarta, Indonesia

Cinemagraph Artist, 360 Panoramic Photographer, Responsive Web Designer.

Hendra Aditya Kurniawan mixes his giant love for photography and technology into his business EVANIA.co, a responsive web design, 360 photography and cinemagraph studio. Always searching for the newest and coolest innovations in the photography and technology industry, Hendra was instantly drawn to the art of living photos. 

After researching and exploring the medium, he creates cinemagraphs using a range of still, video and animation software. He is an early adopter of Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for Mac. His talent, creativity and drive make Hendra one of the top cinemagraph creators today.


Hendra, why do you like cinemagraphs so much?

Well, they are eye catching and innovative but not complex. My ambition has always been to be an early adopter and innovator in photography and technology. I aim to enable my clients to take advantage of the digital marketing and stay ahead of their competitors. 

You had an early career in banking. I guess maybe that wasn't creative enough for you?

I am always searching for inspiration and so, yes, maybe banking was not as satisfying for me as photography. But I am always calculating something in my mind. I find cinemagraphs a very catchy innovation: it's not complex from a technological point of view, it's a middle way between photo and video and between motion and stillness. The format adapts very well to websites, social media and digital displays. 

Can you share some of your super secret tips with us?

Well... okay. I have a few I will reveal for you: 

  1. Trim the frames as short as possible for faster web loading time.
  2. Do your masking as detailed as possible, ensuring the moving portion is clear from any visible tears or flickering.
  3. Try both the bounce and repeat loops and choose the most natural and smooth motion.
  4. When the image looks dull, do some minor adjustments and effects, making sure to check how it looks in two different monitors/screens.

Tell us more about how to become a smart cinemagraph creator.

I always prepare my specific lens and heavy tripod before shooting. When scoping out the scene and preparing the shot, I look for the perfect angle, providing the best composition and optimal lighting. Once I've found the sweet spot, I take several short clips of the same scene, ensuring that one of those clips will be just right. Unless I'm filming a time-lapse, each video I record is less than 30 seconds and maximum 1 minute, so that the file is smaller, it’s easier to find the right frames and the processing is faster.

Okay. I see the clock is running on this interview. Until the next time we chat, thank you, Hendra!

My pleasure. Back to work!