As arnold sees it

Arnold Sutanto is a designer and video production professional based in Indonesia. His cinemagraphs are elegant and simple. We love his special touch with his subjects for creating one-of-a-kind exposures that highlight a seamless circle frame sequence. He finds inspiration for his art everywhere and creates one-of-a-kind images of people lifestyle, technology, beauty, nature and much more.

He’s also a man of great patience! 


- Interview -

Have you ever photographed in the snow?
Not yet!

Can you sing?
Yes, very good :)

Where is your favorite place to eat lunch?
At home, along with family.

How did Living Photos come about?
I created Living Photos and tried to sell them through a website that I built with my friend. But it failed and there were no great results. That is why I am so grateful that Come Alive Images found me so that I can pour out my creativity there.

How do you define creativity?
For me, creativity is a freedom for someone to pour out their feelings, thoughts and volition without being limited by anything.

Are you sketching out your ideas on storyboards first or do you tend to just get right into production?
Sometimes I make a storyboard, but sometimes the ideas came naturally.

What do you think is the future of photography?
Now we are in the era of increasingly advanced technology and photography will keep advancing in that way. For me, photography can be a major way my work can sustain my family and the most important thing is that I very much enjoy doing what I love.