- bio -

Anna Olga Aristova graduated with a Film Producers Degree from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, one of the oldest and most prestigious film schools in the world. Her professional career has encompassed a wide range of critical areas including filmmaking, producing, marketing and public relations with an intense focus on Luxury and Fashion Brands. Anna has years of experience in bringing many successful projects to completion. Being a photographer and a visual artist, Anna produces carefully crafted luxurious footage based on a unique story of your brand and brings her creative talents to work for each new brand, product and production.

- Working with Anna - 

Anna specializes in conceptualizing and directing highly visual micro video productions, such as stop motion, cinemagraph, time motion, live motion and fashion film. She collaborates with local artists to produce a wide range of motion concepts, often incorporating painting, mixed media or simple animation into her image creations.

Anna has great relationships with management teams at all of the major Las Vegas hotels on the Strip, as well as being closely connected with a majority of production companies in town. That means she can direct and handle any size video production you have for Las Vegas—from 7-second micro videos to major commercial advertisements and to high-fashion films and documentaries.

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