Public transportation seems quite civilized in Los Angeles. Is that a Merlot or Chardonnay they served you?

I have to admit, my favorite wines are California Cabernet Sauvignons from the Napa Valley. As far as the wine on the Subway, there is not much there. It’s pretty much a BYOB situation. 

How do you achieve the look of your imagery, and what inspired or influenced it?

About 10 years ago I started to read about high dynamic range (HDR) images where images of different exposures where combined to give the final image more depth and realism. My interest and experimentation soon allowed me to leave the realm of realism and pursue a more impressionistic look. I was now able to use the camera to capture an image but to produce a digital image of how I thought it should look. In my images, many of the lines are deeper and exaggerated and sometimes the colors are a bit more saturated. An old friend of mine once said of my images, “I want to live in Cary's world of soft edges and vibrant colors.”

This frog must have a name, and a story...


The frog’s name is Patrice. He came to us from my Girlfriend’s daughter.  She was taking a biology class in college. One of the class requirements included the dissection of a frog.  She was so upset about hurting the frog that she frog-napped it and brought it home.   Patrice lives with us now and enjoys a steady diet of live crickets from the local pet store. Although I have to deal with cricket escapees on a daily basis, Patrice is now a member of our home.  Patrice was one of the first cinemagraphs I ever attempted.

You really bring the carnival-like vibe of Venice Beach to life. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen there, and the most beautiful? 

Venice Beach is a Carnival, especially the Boardwalk - never a dull moment. You can buy all sorts of things there. If you are a people watcher, it’s fun to sit at one of the cafés and watch the locals and tourist walk by.  The funny thing about Venice is that the patron Saint is St. Mark.  When I go to St. Marks Place in Greenwich Village in New York City, it always reminds me of the Venice Boardwalk sans the beach!

I am guessing you really love people based on the way you shoot your portraits. 

I love to capture images of people.  The hardest thing is to incorporate them into a cinemagraph.  People move and it is often hard to find a way to give them limited movement in a cinemagraph. I capture a lot of characters on the Venice Beach boardwalk. Many ask for money to have their picture taken. That doesn't really happen in New York.

What word do the surfers most use when they see how you’ve interpreted their sport?

Most of the surfers give me a “WOW" or That's sooooo Cool!” I spend a lot of time at the beach with a long lens and the camera set to burst multiple frames per second to capture all the action of a wave sequence. I will also capture images from piers as well.  Each location allows for different angles and prospectives.  

You just walked into the Metropolitan Museum of Art – what exhibit or gallery do you spend the most time in?

I like Impressionistic artwork and more modern art.  David Hockney is one of my favorite artists.  I saw his exhibit when it was in Los Angeles and it inspired me and my girlfriend to do an homage to one of his works.

I walk by your old apartment building in Hoboken a few times a week. Anything you particularly miss about living in Frank Sinatra’s old stomping grounds?

The only bad memory I had about living in Hoboken was that my car was stolen. But incredibly, it was found in an abandoned lot in Jersey City.

 One of my best friends who lived in Hoboken moved to California last year and told me he would never go back. I say never say never!

What’s this dog’s name, and why is he/she so relaxed and happy?

 The dog’s name is Pepi. He originally belonged to a friend who moved back to England.  Pepi was getting on in age so they decided not to take him and he stayed behind in Los Angeles with a friend I worked with.  One day Pepi was in the office so I decided to capture him as he was wagging his tail. I was glad to capture the happiness of Pepi before he passed away. 

I don’t even know where to begin on this one 


I captured the Pig flying in front of a small store front on the Boardwalk in Venice Beach.  It was buzzing around a mannequin and I thought it would make an incredible cinemagraph.

Pretty much everything you create has a happy vibe. Are you a glass half full guy?

I like to think of the world as a half full cup of wine.  There is always room for another taste of something.   

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